Internet Hoaxes, Lies and Urban Legends

Since the emergence of the Internet and the proliferation of E-mail without stamps, envelopes, paper and trips to the post office, people have been trapped in the syndrome of passing along to friends warnings of "Viruses" and other "Urban Legends."


Before forwarding any of the alleged Virus Scares, please consult the wonderful resource which is provided free of charge by SYMANTEC, Corp., at their ANTI-VIRUS RESEARCH CENTER:  

WTC Survivors is a hoax!


The above site should found and bookmarked to help preclude your passing along these Hoaxes.  It's a wonderful resouce for clearing up questions.


For clarification on "Urban Legends," there is a wonderful and comprehensive site maintained by a David Emery, entitled Urban Legends and Folklore:  


Another is the Hoaxbusters:
This is good for finding out the truth about such scams as all of those surrounding Madelyn Murray O'Hare and the closing down of Touched by an Angel.
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Kelsey Brooke Jones, or
A Virtual Card for You.

Web Posted:  December 14, 2000
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