Timís 3-way Bypass surgery


By Godís grace, we will be able to attend Mt. Hermon in December!4 through 7 December is the meeting this year of the Western States Fellowship. Made up of people who have been to or will probably be attending the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C., this is an annual event.When we can attend it is Janís and my Christmas Present to each other.


Weíve been attending since 1986 or so, and have friends from all over the western United States and the Pacific Rim who attendWeíve made some wonderful friendships over the years and have seen friendships blossom into much more than that


While of diverse backgrounds religiously, the common thread binding us all together is a common commitment to being followers of Jesus Christ.


Fellowship is obviously the high factor, and if possible, even higher are the Sunday morning times of sharing, devotion and a common involvement in the Lordís Supper together.


To say that we were delighted when my cardiologistís nurse called and said that the doctor had given permission to attend was a giant blessing.


This year, Jan and I are taking as our guest, Liz Gabriel; dear friend from the early 1980ís when we were attending Marin Covenant Church together in San Rafael.Liz has never attended, but we want her to meet a number of our friends.


If youíd like to read more about the National Prayer Breakfast, please click here.


Web posted:November 22, 2008

Updated:December 11, 2008

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