Timís (correction) 3-way Bypass surgery


Yes, it did happen, on November 14, 2008, at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Francisco, at 9:00 AM until around noon.I was discharged on the 18 . . . considered for Poster Boy of 3-way Bypass surgeries.


On Wednesday the 12, I had started our my day taking a couple of Dayquils, at Janís suggestion, after my nose had started running the evening ofthe eleventh.Assuming a cold (which later a doctor said was fortuitous) I also took two Dayquils to the lunch I was having with friend and colleague, Hall Chase, Jr., attorney at law, San Rafael, California.


Hal is a gracious friend, and so seemingly apologetic as he sat down, asked if I was feeling well; I apparently looked somewhat like I felt Ė early cold.


After lunch, we were walking to where I had parked my car, and I started getting a tightness in my chest, not a new experience, but one which lasted for several minutes.


Shortness of breath had started in June of í08, when the fires of Northern California reached a serious state and the pollution in Sonoma had become not only visably a bother, but apparently a bother for some of us breathing and walking outside . . . or so I thought.


As I was dropping Hal off at his new office complex he encouraged me to go home, take some hot tea and bag the dayThe pain still being with me, 14 or so minutes now, I agreed, and headed north to Sonoma, about a 45 minute drive from where Halís office is.


Proceeding north, I knew I would be driving directly by Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Terra Linda, where Jan worked and where we are covered for health matters.


As I proceeded north, asking God for wisdom, the following went through my mind:ďIf Jan were experiencing this, and I knew it, and she didnít at least stop and have it looked at, Iíd be upset.Ē


Ahhhh.Whatís good for the gander . . . and goose?Or, vice versa?


Web posted:November 20, 2008

Updated:December11, 2008

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