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byTim Arensmeier


Carol (Helen Carol Kiser) was born on December 25, 1911, somewhere in Montana.Her parents migrated to Oregon when she was very young, so she was an Oregonian.She met and married

Ralph Louis Arensmeier,from Metolius, Oregon.Ralph was the oldest of 5 children, and when his father Dan died at the tender age of 42, Ralph, age 11, became the head of the family.His younger brothers were Frank, twins Purl & Earl and a 3 year old little sister, Irene (the only remaining sibling).

After their marriage on June 30, 1934, they finally had a son

Daniel Lee Arensmeier, born on September 4, 1937, and three years later along came

Timothy Joe Arensmeier, who early in his life was called Timothy Joe Louis Arensmeier Brown!, when he had really screwed up somehow.The Brown was added by Carol as Gramma Arensmeier married Ed Brown some few years after the death of her first husband.Naomi Brown Mitchel was the last of Grammaís children, and is still living.

Dan and Tim were raised in an amazingly fun home.Ralph and his siblings, while having lost their father early, all had rich senses of humor.Gramma Brown was a very funny person, who could laugh with the best of Ďem.

Carol married into this family and she and Ralph perpetuated the tradition of lots of fun, lots of laughter and an appreciation for life, largely the result of their combined belief in and love for Jesus Christ.They raised their boys in a world of love and church activities which were never imposed, but enjoyed.

Dan is very happily married to Mary Mannis, and they live in Denver, Colorado.

Tim met and married Jan Paula Carver in Oklahoma City.They have been married for 51 years; have lived in 29 residences, in 9 states and 3 continents.Their offspring are:Shireen & Tom Ellis, living in Sonoma, CA, grandparents in their own right; Liesl & Scott Garner, living in Medford, OR, also grandparents; Kirsten & Scott Snarey, living in Scottsdale, AZ; and Michelle & Phil Galvin, currently living in Beaverton, OR, by Portland.

So, itís the 4 daughters and their husbands, 10 grandsons. 2 granddaughters and 4 great grandkids!

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