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On February 12, 2006, from us:


Praise the Lord, Austin Jeffrey Snarey arrived at 9:10 a.m. Saturday, February 11, 2006.  He is 6 lb 11 oz and 20" long.  The word was that he looks like Scott, his Daddy, and has big hands.  All is well, Mommy Kirsten and baby Austin are doing fine.  Big sister Janelle is quite the young lady stepping into the position of helping mommy 'n daddy.  Thanks for your prayers!


    The proud grandparents, jan & tim


P.S.:  This should have gone out yesterday, but I messed up on setting it up for Jan to send.  But, now you know . . .


126. Congrats, T&J, and PTL! Hot smiley emoticon- Fr. John C., whose ordination we attended when he became the first married Roman Catholic priest in Central California.


127. Congratulations Grandpa!

-donn - D., again, with his wife n kids are right here in Sonoma and part of our church.

128. Congrats very very much from the weaver household. So happy to hear the little fellow has arrived and all is fine and dandy. What a neat blessing you all have. When will you two get to go and see him?  I hope shortly before he is too old. What a joy huh?

Very happy for you two and the family to have a new little one in your stable of folks to love. LJ Again, my special friend since our 6th grade in Roseburg, Oregon.


129. Congratulations! God Bless the parents AND grandparents! Nice name. J Now in Southern California, but a cousin of mine. We share being cousins to Jacob DeShazer, the guy who lead Mitsuo Fuchido to faith in Christ Mitsuo had lead the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Jacob was a POW for 4 years having been one of the Doolittle Flyers.


130. Congrats! May God give him challenging and inspiring life, full of health,

love and succes.

Nisad S. who is a Bosnian journalist and movie reviewer. He is one of Janes contacts from around 10 years ago when she started her ministry in Bosnia from Madera.


131. Congratulations!  to all concerned!

Many blessings to a wonderful - and very growing - family!


Tripp and Barbara C. now back East but from MCC, and they understand big families. I believe they have 13!


132. Praise the Lord!  To me, every birth is a miracle.  This one is a miracle and a relief!


Janet  - L. again, from MCC.


133. Congratulations! Author buddy from MCC, again.


134. Hi Tim and Jan,

Wonderful news, thats fabulous for all!  Best wishes to Kirsten and Scott may they escape the sleepless nights syndrome.


Alan and Sharon H. whom we see a little more often now that they have 2 grandkids in Berkeley where son Mark is a Ph.D., in Spanish Lit.


135. Praise the Lord.

Assad M. is the dentist who sold us the house in Novato. We remain in contact.


136. Yipeee!!! and a big congrats to you all! Theresa, now H., who used to be L, and Stan - was our friend/secretary and general goof off buddy starting in Clarksville shortly after our return from Europe.


137. Mazeltov!   We're celebrating with you!   God is gooder than we think!

ps For what it's worth (not much): The South Austin Jug Band is my favorite to play I love the first name is a juggler, harmonicist, floutist, singer and concertina player with whom Ive done music over the last couple of years.


138. Dear Tim and Jan,

 Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents.  I'm so glad that everything is fine - you have all been in my thoughts and prayers.  Enjoy the new grandson.  Watching them grow is such a joy.  Our youngest grandson is now 12 and the time goes so quickly, but it's great to see them grow into young, healthy, active adults.  God is good.

Always, Franki Again, my cousin in Portland, OR. A delightful E-mail link between my Aunt Irene also in Portland.


139. Dear Jan and Tim,
What a great calling to be grandparents.  Stephen and Andrea had their third on February 4 at
6:10 a.m.  They live in Colorado Springs so we have the joy of watching their three little ones grow.  Laura and John are in Newport Beach, they have two, Brianna and Caleb.  We see them about three times a year.  How they grow.
Bless you as you bless this new little one.  CONGRATULATIONS.
Our love,
Bob and Marilyn V., friends n colleagues from our days together serving God via The Navigators.


140. Tim & Jan,
Im so thankful for the health and safety of your daughter and grandson.  Praise God!  Im confident this new family member will be surrounded by love and will be appropriately doted on by his grandparents.
Steve A pastor n colleague here in
Sonoma with whom I started praying every week about 5 years ago. That group is now about 10 pastors.


141. congratulations! - Liesl, again . . . again, not your sister, but another Liesl we know in Santa Rosa.


142. Thanks for the good word.  When I think of Kirsten, I think of an adorable little blonde toddler.  I printed out the picture of the Arensmeier family the way they look now and have it on my desk.  It is a great picture (the one in Shireen's back garden).  I clearly remember driving Liesl to kindergarden a time or two and going on walks with Shireen, who I think was about 8 when I was with you in Germany.  I was impressed that she could go to a German school and learn anything from German speaking teachers and classmates.  Tim, you and Jan both look so young.  What is your secret?  Anyway, congratulations on the new arrival.
In His Grip,
Frank H. From our time with The Navigators in Kaiserslautern, Germany. We reconnected in Pasadena at the time of your moms 30th HS reunion. He sage at Lake Avenue Congregational Church, and we were attending. Wonderful meeting him again after several years.


143. Congratulations and best wishes to proud grandparents, Jan & Tim on the birth of Austin Jeffrey Snarey!  And welcome to the world Master Austin!!

We are delighted with your wonderful news.


Joyce & J.D. Again, from MCC and our care group there.


144. Thanks for the up-date.  We had your message when we got back from church.  Know you are both much relieved and also thankful and happy.  Please give  our congratulations to Kirsten and family.
  Love to you both,
  JoAnn and Don
B., Fort Collins, again.


145. Hi Tim and Jan


Mabrouk as we say in my language which means congratulations. We are very very happy for the wonderful gift that God gave you as a family.

We pray that God give Austin Jeffrey Snarey all blessings from His throne.

God bless you all

Hoda and Camille M., whom your mom and I met in Portland, Oregon, when Warner Pacific College, awarded Camille his doctorate. As a trustee I had voted for that as he is the president of the Church of God college in Lebanon, Mediterranean Bible College.


146. Congrats to the parents and g'parents. We now have 7 behind the wheel of a car...increases your prayer life! Love and blessings sent your way. Much love, P. for us Pat & Joe, again, whose son lived with us in Fort Collins.


147. Congratulations on the arrival of Baby Austin! Hugs, Anna G., whom your mom and I introduced to her now husband while at Mt. Hermon. I had the honor of being one of 12 tuxedoed men who sang three pieces at their wedding in Santa Barbara on New Years Eve, the year following their introduction.


148. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  How blessed little Austin is to have you both as his grandparents enjoy.


Caroline- T., again, and still the mom of Michelle from MCC.


149. Glad for safe arrival of Austin Jeffrey.  I can't remember if I told you we were awaiting arrival of great-granddaughter.  It was a long wait.  She was supposed to arrive Jan. 23rd, but on last Monday, Dr. ordered Andria to hospital to induce labor which they did, and Andria was in labor all day Monday and all night.  Finally, at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 7th they did a c-section and Hannah Joy Wonderly put in her appearance weighing 9 lbs and 21 1/2 inches tall.  We received pictures taken a few hours later.  She's a doll with lots of dark brown curly hair and little beauty.  Of course, I'm not prejudiced at all.  This is great grand, number 7.  Only one boy in the crowd.

...Eilene and Keith From Friendsview Retirement Community where your grandparents Arensmeier have lived (til dads death 3 years ago) since about 1986. Eilene has kept the Arensmeiers posted on stuff which they otherwise would have been limited to snail-mail.


150. Tim,

SO glad all is well.. PTL.

Clif Regional Director for the YoungLife ministry in the Bay Area.


151. PRAISING THE LORD RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU... CONGRATES ON YET ANOTHER GRANDCHILD... :-) TRY NOT TO SPOIL IT TOO MUCH... OH FORGET IT, DO IT GOOD AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!!! AFTER ALL, THATS YOUR JOB - RIGHT? ;-) - This was part of a card sent from Janet W. in Madera, part of the Fourth Street Church of God.


152. Congratulations!!

Hal and Rosemarie, - Again, our attorney friend in San Rafael.


153. Wonderful! We praise the Lord and rejoice with you.He is faithful! M&C - Mike n Cheryl, in Kansas, from the National Prayer Breakfast.

154. Congratulations Grandpa and Grandma!  Praise God for this wonderful gift.  I can still see Kirsten when I moved in with you and she was about three years old (1971), and Michelle had not yet been born.  So glad to hear all is well.
Love you - Chris and Roger
I think you recall our talking about Chris (then D.) and how she and Margaret got wall-papered into their room one night in our house.


155. Congratulations!

Thanks for the updates. Will keep your family in my prayers.

Cathe A mutual friend of John S., whose son Peter got blown up in Iraq, but finished Ranger school with only one eye, only to return to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division.


156. Well, Tim & Jan, Congratulations!!  That sounds like a fine grandson to add to your flock.  So glad that all went well.

Joanne & Gail D., friends of mine, Kirsten, from pre-teen years in Roseburg, Oregon. Theyre missionaries with the flying arm of Wycliffe, Missionary Aviation Fellowship.


157. Tim and Jan,

Congratulations on your latest!

Looking forward to seeing you at the concert!

John and Anna P. Heathers folks with whom you went to high school. All of MCC


158. Praise God! We are excited to hear of Austin's arrival. May he bring you joy and be a man who brings others to our Father! praying for you and your family, armond K. the former administrator of the place where Grampa & Gramma Arensmeier lived in their retirement.


159. Dear Tim and Jan,

        Thank you for sharing the good news. Once again, the Lord answered all our prayers on their behalf.  God is good, all the time.  Know that Janelle will have fun being big sister.  Our best to all of you.  Warrem & Lenore C. in Bakersfield, previously explained, but still special friends.


160. Dear Proud Grandparents!    Whew!  Now let the fun begin!   Congratulations, best wishes, much love to all, and most of all, thanksgiving and praise to The Lord of Lords!   In His Name,     Joan R. A fellow YoungLife Committee member here in Sonoma.


161.     To the parents and grandparents,


We would like to say Congratulation to your family on this Happy event in your life and may the Joy & Love be before you as you share the new life together.  Will be praying for a happy & healthy life for Little Austin.


With much Love & Prayers,


Upgrade your email with 1000's of emoticon icons


The Hobbs

Joseph & Gwendolyn Kirsten, you recall Joe Hobbs from Atlanta days, Im sure.


162. Jan and Tim, Congratulations on the new grandchild!  Steve & Kathi Craig (Special friends in Kabul, Afghanistan . . .)


163. Hey you guys, This is so awesome! We would love to see your family again and meet all of your in-laws and grandchildren.

Trusting that some day this side of eternity, it might come to pass-love to Kirsten, Amy J., who with Bob remain special albeit weve not seen em in eleventy-seven years . . .


164. Hello, very proud grandparents!!


It is so wonderful to see you all so excited about no. 10 and that is the way it should be.   I suspect you will soon be making a trip to AZ.   I know this was a high risk pregnancy and we thank the Lord that this little boy has arrived to a safe, happy, Godly home.  God is so good and faithful.


Grandchildren are truly a crown of joy to grandparents.  The young parents will never fully realize this until they experience it.  Ours are all grown up now and it is always a thrill to hear one of their voices when the phone rings.   Their lives are so busy and still they take the time to keep in touch.  If they could only know how very much those remembrances mean to Grandpa and Grandma!


Congratulations to you two proud, happy Grands.


Thanks for keeping in touch and sharing your joy.


Lois Yak  (for John too who is taking a nice Sun. afternoon nap) Scott, you visited his shop n house in Madera . . .


165. Hallelujah, and congratulations to all the justifiably proud and happy relatives--and special hugs to Kirsten and Scott. Little Austin has arrived in a wonderful extended family! Thanks for keeping me up to speed.


Love to all of you --

Suzy G. formerly of MCC, now teaching teachers in Fresno.


And, in all honesty, Ive just not had the time to include every one of the roughly 50 other comments, frequently one liners expressing praise for Austins safe arrival from literally all over.




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