Responses to our Appeal for Prayer Support


Kirsten, Scott & Janelle Snarey

On February 3, 2006



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At 10:17 AM, the original Prayer Request was:


Dear Praying Friends,


    Our third daughter & husband, Kirsten & Scott Snarey, are requesting prayer regarding their soon to be born son.


    Kirsten 'n Scott have Janelle (8 years old a week ago today) and having lost children in the 1st trimester both before and after Janelle, were delightfully surprised to experience Kirsten keeping this child beyond the 1st, and on through now, when the child is technically due on February 6.


    However, today, she called Jan and told her that the doctor has checked this morning and the baby's heart rate is . . . slow.  She is to go back in this afternoon (Phoenix time) for a double check.  If the heart rate has remained constant the doctor wants to induce labor today.


    Please join them and us in praying for God's best for the baby, Kirsten and her family as well as the rest of us who have gleefully anticipated the arrival of this special little blessing (our 11th grandchild).


        Yours, In Christ,


                tim, for jan, too


First set of responses:


1.  10:24 - We are joining in prayer for Kirsten, Scott, Janelle & the soon-to-be baby as well as grandparents.  May the Lord continue His awesome presence in this glorifying Himself thru their faithfulness to Him.  Carol & KO – Friends from Marin Covenant Church (MCC) for over 20 years.


2.  10:29 - I am praying with you!  Bruce Bugbee – The executive director of the Synod of the Far West Region of the Reformed Church of America.  We were in a meeting together on Wednesday of this week.


3.  10:29 - Tim & Jan,

I spoke just now with Sean - we are both earnestly praying for Kirsten, the baby, and the rest of your family. xoxo Lisa – Friends we’ve known for a couple three years, living over the hills to the west of us.


4.  10:31 - First we will pray for them as well as pass this along to our small group. If you remember us, Madeline and I were married in your church 3 years ago this coming April. We have been trying to have a baby for almost 2 years and can empathize with Kirsten's disappointment in many ways. In October of last year, Madeline became pregnant. We had a couple scares, but tomorrow she will be 4 months along. In Faith, we are expecting our first child together July 23rd. Keep us in your prayers as well please. Both for a safe birth and for God's support for us to raise our child in his will. We will be praying for Kirsten and Scott !!! 

Jim LevoeA dear couple who married in our church building, whom we’ve kept in contact with since, and enjoy sharing prayer matters back ‘n forth.


5  10:34 - Dear Pastor Tim,

We will be praying here at KTLN and TLN in Chicago for your grandchild, daughter and entire family. I pray that the Lord will guide the doctor to see the truth of the matter and act accordingly for the health and safety of Kirsten and baby. That your 11th grandchild will be born healthy, a full set of pipes to ring in his arrival and rosy cheeks to kiss and caress….. J

Your KTLN family…. JThe folks at the TV station I periodically appear on, helping with their daily devotionals.


            6.  10:40 - You've got it! Please keep me posted. Love, Suzy – G.  MCC friend now teaching in Fresno.


            7.  10:41 - Tim,

Warren is in Washington, but I will let him know as soon as he checks in.  I will pray for your daughter and family.

Julie Hykes

Assistant to Warren Carter – The Carters are special friends who just attended the National Prayer Breakfast, and who are responsible for our being able to participate in that on those times that we attend.


            8.  10:41 - Pastor, we are definitely standing with you in prayer.  Our President, Jerry and his wife went thru a similar experience this past year with their grandchild – also in the Phoenix area, and I know they will be praying for you we well.  As we can attest to, there is tremendous power in prayer.  Please keep us informed.

Debbie Fraser

From: Pentilla, Michele
Friday, February 03, 2006 10:33 AM
To: #All_KTLN; #ALL_KEEN; #All_TLN_Rockford; #All_TLN_Aurora
Subject: Prayer Request for one of our Pastors

Please take a moment to pray for Pastor Tim Arensmeier and his family. He is a ministerial supporter of our station and has been faithfully praying for our ministry and specific prayer needs.

Thanks so much J

Michele Pentilla

Assistant to Debbie Fraser – How special, to know these dear fellow servants of our Lord, and have them joining us in prayer!  And, to know that they helped get the word out throughout their various TV stations.


            9.  10:41 AM - Hi Tim,

Its always great to hear from you, but this time I just had to write back.  While praying for that child I had the strangest feeling that he has already been dedicated to the Lord.  Like Samuel, he has been given to the Lord's work and service and will have a very special call.  I pray that we will all have the privilege of watching this child grow, and learn, and change the world before God jealously takes him home. 

Blessings to you and the family.  Grace and peace to you and yours.

Robert  - M. a classmate of Kirsten’s at Azusa Pacific University, and a dear attorney friend of ours who lived in our home in Marin while he was doing an externship for one of the California Supreme Court justices.


            10.  10:41 - Tim-- We will be praying.  Chris Q. – ‘n his wife have been friends for over 20 years, initially through MCC.

            11.  11:00 - Done at Mass today...thank you Jesus – John and his wife are friends from Madera years ago.  One of the last Roman Catholic masses Jan and I attended was John’s ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood.  He is one of 4 married priests in California, and one of only about 100 in America.  They remain dear friends.  He is now serving as a chaplain in the Army, replete with a son who has served in Iraq.

            12.  11:01 -  I will pray.  Ginny has gone to Michigan to visit her nursing home bound mom.  I hope we can get together with you and Jan soon after Ginny returns.

Blessings, Joe – A dear couple we met some . . . 4 years ago and with whom we’ve spent many enjoyable hours.


            13.  11:01 - Absolutely PRAYING my heart out...:))))) xo

Love you guys, K – My brother, Dan, his wife, Jan and I think of Kimberly as “our little sister.”  She and Kirsten have been friends for years.  She and her family moved to Newberg, Oregon, where she kept an eye on my parents for a couple of years before returning to Scottsdale, Arizona.  We’re blessed!


            14.  11:01 - Pastor Tim:  Our prayers are with Mom and child right now!  Ben – is the president of the Classis of Central California, Reformed Church in America.  Our church, the Sonoma Valley Community Church is a Reformed Church in America and we’re participants in the Classis (subset of the Synod of the Far West Region).


            15.  11:08 - Tim and Jan, Please know our prayers are with Kirsten, Scott and Baby, and you, too.  Please keep me posted.

God Bless -

As always, Franki – One of my cousins, living in Portland.  We actually have seen each other in recent years!


            16.  11:24 - Brother Tim:

Great to hear from you, as always. Thank you for keeping me on your periodic posts.

Do you ever get to Colorado Springs? I would love to see you and re-connect.

Warmest regards,

Ken Gray – Friend ‘n son of one of our favorite regional directors during our years with The Navigators.


            17.  11:24 - Prayers lifted. – Liesl (not our daughter, but another Liesl) A prayer warrior in Santa Rosa who is involved in creative worship.


      18.  11:24 - She will certainly be in my prayers.  Please keep me updated.  david -  Another MCC friend for years – now an author!


                19.  11:24 - Tim - Kirsten, Scott and their baby are in our prayers...  donn – his wife ‘n boys are a part of the church we serve, and they’re all a pretty creative bunch!  We’ve walked with them through some of their larger family stuff.


                20.  11:24 - Rosemarie lost perhaps four children in their first trimester. It hurt me, but was devastating to her. She has always viewed each one of these little souls as her children and the losses were devastating.

Then along came our son Harrison. Contractions started in the second month and continued until birth. We literally held our breath every day for 7 months.

I don't mention any of this to discourage you. I only want you to know how much we emphathize.

Kirsten and her husband are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish them the best.
Please keep us advised.

In Christ,

Hal – is an attorney friend and colleague in the context of the Christian Conciliation Service.  We’ve probably known each other for at least 19 years.


            21.  11:24 - Lifted up  Steveand his wife live in the Central Valley and were colleagues while we were serving the Fourth Street Church of God (Anderson).


            22.  11:33 - Tim, You and your family are in my prayers.  Debra – serves with me on the YoungLife Committee here in Sonoma.


            23.  11:33 - Tim:  Thanks for letting us share the journey with you.  We will be praying for your family.  jims – is a pastor in an RCA church in the Bay Area, with whom I have the privilege of serving the Classis.


            24.  11:44 - Message received and Joan and I are praying for the healthy arrival of your precious new baby.  Blessings always, AnJ GOD BLESS AMERICA--LET'S ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Al & Joan helped with your reception, Kirsten, and I know you recall them.  They remain dear and special friends.  I had the privilege of officiating at their daughter’s wedding some 15 years ago.  Which would mean you’ve been married . . . about the same time . . .

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            25.  11:51 - on our knees.  Barbara ‘n her husband have about 13 kids, and she knows mommying . . .  And, has written several books and articles on the subject.  Also MCC friends from way back.


            26.  12:06 PM - Tim & Jan, We lift up in Prayer: Kirstin, Scott, Janelle, the baby, you two and the doctor's and staff assisting now and in delivery.

God knows, God cares, God is Willing and God is Able!  We are doing the Work!  Blessings,

Thad & Sandy – Kirsten, your mom has known Thad since the 7th grade!  We reconnected first in Jacksonville, NC when Thad was in the Marine Corp, then again through the National Prayer Breakfast.  Scott – remember the time when we met in the Los Angeles Club?  Thad was one of the guys who joined that luncheon.


Further posts on February 3, 2006 – minus the times they came in . . .


        27.  Hi Tim and Jan,

What wonderful news to learn of the new son to be born, but now concerns for this new young life. Prayers from Michelle and I are on there way for the health and safety of both their son and Kirsten and for the doctors to have the utmost expertise and discernment in making the decisions for the very best outcome. New is life is such a miracle and a blessing. Please keep us updated.

Love and prayers,

Caroline – Another friend from MCC days, whose daughter Michelle is also a friend.


            28.  I am going to my knees right now!  Off to prayer!  Janet – L. another MCC’er who is another praying buddy.


                29.  Father please protect both mother and baby. Give them the confidence that you are in control no matter the situation. Be with the grandparents also as they wait.


KT – Wonderful prayers not even from our church in Madera, but known because of their being in the Kingdom.

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            30.  We are and will be praying for Kirsten & family, including you and Jan.

Love to you both,

Mike & Cheryl – Friends from within the National Prayer Breakfast Fellowship,  living in Kansas.


            31.  Tim, I pray that God's word be true & that He not let it return to Him void - that children are a blessing - like arrows in the quiver.  I pray that He prepare their hearts that if it not be His will for this child to come to the world, that He bring His all-surpassing comfort.   

all of our love to you & Jan - missing you guys!

andrea a dear couple whom we loved in Sonoma at our church, but who have been transferred by the Coast Guard to Virginia.

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            32.  We are praying!  David – ‘n Gennelle . . . in Singapore.


            33.  Tim,

We will be praying with you about this.

Should you come to Phoenix in the future and have time, give us a call and see if we can meet for dinner or a cup of java.  We live about 1 hour south of Phoenix.

I will be in Portland the week of February 20th.  Any chance you will be there at that time?

David – friends in Tucson area, originally known ‘n loved from our church in Madera.


            34.  Dear Tim and Jan;  Be assured I am praying for Kirsten and the precious baby and all of you!

                                                   Yours in Christ, Joan – fellow member of  the YoungLife Committee here in Sonoma.


            35.  God's peace and grace be with your family.  We are praying!

Keep us posted.  Steve – my associate minster during our years in Madera.  It’s so good of the Lord to still have these friends praying with ‘n for those concerns of ours.


            36:  Tim, Thanks for the email.  I am praying for this child Tim.  Please let Kirsten know that I send my love to her, Scott and Janelle and please give us an update as soon as you can about baby Austin and Mommy’s health.  

With love,

Heather – Formerly P. , and a classmate of yours with whom we remain in contact.  They now live in . . . Idaho?


                37.  All of you are in our prayers and in our Lord's loving care.
Carolyn – M., now of
New York, but formerly Sacramento and a CCS colleague.


                38.  Tim & Jan,

Thanks for letting us know. Yes, we will be praying that God's best will come for the baby, Kirsten and her family.


Dan & Norma – Very gifted musicians who serve the Lord around the world, and whom we met at the church in Madera.


            39.  Evelyn – my former secretary in Madera sent the above message out to eleventy-seven people on the 3rd.


            40.  We will be a praying for Kirsten and family.....

Keep us advised....

Joyce & J.D. – MCC’ers with whom we were in a Care Group for over two years, now living in Missouri.


            41.  Thanks for letting us know about Kirsten's situation and about Vivian. We are praying. We still miss you guys. By the way, the Nelson's (Noel and Cary) live here in Clarksville. They send their greetings. Cary and I are in the old folks exercise class at the Y.  Love in Christ, Chris & Katie – N. from Clarksville, TN, whom we have remained close since our return from Europe in ’72.


                42.  Oh wow!  We're praying!  Come on little baby, you can make it!  Love you - Chris and Roger – Chris came to faith in Jesus Christ through our ministry in Germany when you were about 2, Kirsten, and now living in Minnesota.


            43.  Am with you in prayer Tim—Ginnie Nichols – whom I know that you know . . .



Then, on February 3, 2006, after the appointment with her doctor, Kirsten let us know the following, which we sent out to the same people whom we’d requested that they pray:


Dear Family 'n Friends -


    Praise God!  At 4:10 this afternoon, Scott Snarey, Kirsten's hubby, called to say that the afternoon check up with the doctor had gone well . . . they sent Kirsten home!  No inducement to deliver.  All is well. 


    Delivery date is still tentatively February 6, however, the doc seems to feel it could be a little later.  So, we'll keep 'em in our prayers.


    Jan and I do wish to express our gratitude to so many of you who have already written to say that you're joining us in interceding for Kirsten 'n family.  


        Thank you, In Jesus' Name,


            tim (for jan, too)



Then, the responses to the Update on February 3, 2006, mixed in with some from the original Request:


            44.  Tim: Thanks for including us in the circle of prospective prayers.  I did and will continue to do so.  So, please let us know how things develop.  Blessing to you, Jan and your crew.  - Tom & Mary were living in our home in Heidelberg, Germany, when you were born, Kirsten.  They’re now in San Jose, California, and we remain in wonderful contact with them.


            45.  I'm so happy things are better.  I also e-mailed John to pray; they were at APU together; ...he'll be glad too.  – Judy ‘n her hubby, the dentist, are MCC’ers.  Their son was at Azusa Pacific University with you, Kirsten.


            46.  Evelyn Annis – one of my secretaries in Madera, sent my second “word” out to many of her prayers.


            47.  PTL, this is an answer to prayer!  - Christian H., is a pastor in Sonoma with whom I pray fairly regularly.  He is the interim pastor of the church Shireen attends.


            48.  That is just such great news.  Praise God!  Jeff.  Thanks for the update.  Heather – P. your classmate in SRHS and an MCC youth group member.


            49.  Hip, hip, hooray!  - Dan Y., son of Ron & Betty  Y., whom your mom and I lived with in Seoul, Korea, while Shireen was . . . in process . . .


            50.  Dear Tim and Jan, that is a good news, let's keep praying and wait for God's will......You are very special people and we are sure God knows how to respond in each situation...Thank you so very much for keeping us posted.  Lynn was a part of MCC back when you were a part of Ray Johnston’s youth group, Kirsten.


            51.  Praise the Lord - for His mercies are new each and every morning... Great is His Faithfulness!!!!

Rejoicing with you

 Lori – One of the wonderful members of the Reformed Church in America, who has been a wonderful help to your mom and me since being a part of the RCA here in Sonoma.


            52.  Good to hear the great news about your daughter and I'll keep her in my prayers, Tim.

Susan – Kirsten, remember the family whose daughter needed a heart transplant?  This is the mom whose second daughter need a heart transplant, too.  Can you believe that?!


            53.  Dear Tim and family, I haven't heard from you for some time.  I surely hope that your Daughter Kirsten and her family experiences the gracious care of the Lord in this recent crisis and that the baby is delivered without difficulty.  God bless you one and all!  Anna Nixon – who was a Quaker missionary to China during WWII.  She was captured by the Japanese in Manila and held in a concentration camp for 3 years.  She is a wonderful friend living at Friends View Retirement Community where your grandparents have lived for the last 17 years in Newberg, Oregon.


      54.  Great news.  Thanks for letting us in on the prayer chain.

Ron and Joyce – Y. with whom your mom and I lived in Seoul, Korea, in 1963, 1964.  They are the couple who launched us into the ministry which we’ve served in since 1963.

            55.  Thanks for the good news.  We will continue to pray for Kirsten, the baby, and for Snott ScareyNice to hear from you.   Chris  Q. Hummmm.  Chris remains a very special friend, in spite of his “warped” sense of humor.


            56.  Thanks for the good news about Kristen's baby.  I began praying for her when I read your message this morning.  Will continue to pray that the baby arrives safely next week.

in Jesus,

Katie – C.  Kirsten, you may recall Katie ‘n Tim, who are missionaries in Japan . . . from MCC.


      57.  Did not know there was a problem.  Glad to hear there isn’t now.  Love Gennelle – who, with David in Singapore, is serving the Lord via Bible Study Fellowship.


            58.  Yes, praise God!!!!  Great to have answered prayer in so brief a time.  klo – Karl is the “Classis Minister” in the Reformed Church in America, of which your mom and I are a part, via the Sonoma Valley Community Church.


      59.  I have been off line all day long and just now read these messages about Kristen and Scott’s baby. Sure thrilled to hear all is well for now. Please keep us informed and we will join with others in prayer for this family and a safe and healthy delivery when God so wishes and all will be well with the mother and child. How wonderful to have that many grandbabies. I have only one and will never have more but I tell you what that one is a pure joy to us. Prayers are with you all. Loya – H., whom Liesl met with me in Roseburg, Oregon, a few years ago, then your mom, also.  Loya has been a special friend since my 6th grade.


            60.  thanks for the update. we're praying too.  jonel and ken – R.  The R’s were friends and fellow followers of Jesus Christ in Kaiserslautern, Germany.  We visited them in Murphy’s, California, in 1983, and “tubed” down the river in their village.  The end result of that trip from Fort Collins, Colorado, was our move to California in 1983.


            61.  that is wonderful news!!!!  Prayed as soon as i got your email and so was delighted when i got to it tonite to see the exciting news.  please keep me in the loop.


Joshua – M., who is a part of the Fellowship and visited in our home several times in Novato.


            62.  I'm glad I got BOTH emails at the same time.  Praise God ... and keep me in the loop!!
~JMB – Jeannie remains a special friend from MCC days.


            63.  Glad things are going fine.  We'll keep praying.  Incidentally, my granddaughter-in-law was to have her baby girl on Jan. 23rd, but she's not here yet.  If not by Monday, it will be Caesarian.  So would appreciate your prayers for Andria W. and the baby, Hannah Joy!!  I think little Hannah decided it's nice and warm and cozy where she is and not too excited about the outside cold cruel world!!!!  Also, we are quite concerned.  Just hope the Dr. figured wrong date and that all will go well. – Eilene is a special friend and person who has helped with information about your grand parents in Newberg, Oregon.


            64.  Thanks for the update. I'm in Maui. Life's struggles are real and can come anytime. Thank heavens for God's grace.

God bless, Tal – B., heading up the ministry of Spiritual Counterfeits Project in Berkeley.


            65.  We will be praying for you and your wonderful family.  I appreciate being in on your family updates.  We’ll be in Monterey on feb 9 as our daughter is having a baby girl joining a BIG brother who is 17 months old.  How special that we have grandbabies that will be 3 days apart. God’s love and hugs, armond – who is a very special friend of our family:  he was the administrator of Friendsview Retirement Community for about 15 years while your grandparents Arensmeier were living there.


            66.  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Off to Marin tomorrow.  Jenn and I are driving over, picking up Sarah and Chrissy Gates.  We'll be heading to The Spinnacker where a birthday for Michelle Parsley will be celebrated! I sure wish we could find her a man!  That would be THE best b-day present ever!  :-) 


Jacki McN, another MCC’er and her family whom we love and whose youngest, Amanda I had the privilege of marrying off to her husbvand this last year.


            67.  Tim,  Great news …PTL.  May you be blessed with a wonderful new grandchild.

Clif – Regional Director of YoungLife, where your mom and I serve youth on the YL Committee.



Received on February 4, 2006:


            68.  What a relief.  I had so many of those terrifying moments when I was pregnant (especially with Olivia) that my heart really went out to them.  I will be praying for them!  Thanks for the good update.

Love, Pam – a fellow trustee member at the college I serve in Portland, Oregon, living in the Los Angeles area.


            69.  Tim, Jan 

                I just now opened both messages.  My, oh my!  What drama unfolds before our eyes.  The grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ are the priceless treasures mined within the inner courts of our relationship with Him.  His goodness is the standard by which good is defined. (Matt 19:17

                I cannot help but imagine that this child has a special anointing for His purpose.  May this grace and mercy remain upon this soul now and always for His Kingdom's sake.

                In Christ Jesus, our risen Lord and only Savior

                Bob Gander – whom, with his wife Carol, we were in a bible study in Heidelberg, Germany, at the time you were born there.  What a delight to be in fellowship with members of the Body of Christ after all these years!


            70.  Can't wait to see pics of that little beauty!  By the way, Roger is in Biloxi, Mississippi, helping build a house for a couple who lost theirs in Hurricane Katrina.  You might be interested in looking at the website some time -
Love you – Chris – L., then Dessimoz, who came to faith in Christ through the ministry we were involved in while in Germany . . . around 1971.


            71.  Thankful to hear your news and we will continue to pray...(what a loving God we have!!) 


Joyce & J.D. – C, with whom we were in the MCC Care Group for over two years!  Now living in Missouri.


            72.  Thanks for the update.  A couple of last few mornings, Anita has been awakened and the Arensmeiers have specifically been on her mind.  She asked me to check up on ya'll.  Well, this morning is the first time checking my email since Anita's request to check it a couple days ago. 

She has been praying for all of you, even tho not knowing the exact

reason.  Now she has the reason.  Please keep us updated concerning

Scott, Kirsten, and the baby.

Gary  (and Anita too) – C., whom you recall from either Atlanta or Fort Collins.  They remain special prayers with and for us all.


      73.  I'm glad for that report.  Blessings.  – Michael, whose daughter you assisted.  Debbie is the mom of the daughter you helped, and for which both parents remain thankful.


            74.  That is such GOOD news. Praise the Lord! I am rejoicing with ya'll. 

"Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands ...." Isaiah 49:16 – Pam and her husband are missionaries with New Tribes Missions out of Florida.  Your mom and I met them through the Fourth Street Church of God in Madera, California.  We remain in good contact and fellowship.


        75.  HI Tim....

I just read the other email as well. I will pass along the word and know that Kirsten and family will be in our prayers. 

Bless you....

Norlin – B., from Madera.  Norlin is the daughter of Buz and Billie B., and the grand daughter of Eleanor and Elvan.


            76.  great news-dick – whose wife, Joy, are friends initially in Sonoma, now in Davis.


            77.  Good Morning Tim and Jan!

We are pleased to hear your second report.

My oldest granddaughter gave birth to a baby girl in Brussels Belgium on Monday.  All is well there.

Marilyn and I leave for Nairobi tonight to look at the work of Oasis Africa, which our friends Gershon and Gladys Mwiti founded about fifteen years ago.  From Kenya we will go to Brussels to see my great grandchild!  My daughter and son in law will also be there.  Then on to Paris for a few days and then back home to Arizona on the 24th of February to recover from the sights and sounds of Africa, a new born baby and the car horns from the streets of Paris.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Dave and Marilyn – N., who is a fellow trustee of the college I serve.  Dave is the former board chair whom I thoroughly enjoyed and continue to enjoy.


      78  PTL!  We continue to intercede for Kirsten & the family.  I'd love it to be Feb 6, one day after mine tho' I'm MUCH older!!!


Carol – B., who along with husband Kent remain special friends from MCC days.


            89  YEA GOD – Bruce is the executive of the Reformed Church in America, Far West Region.  We meet at least four times a year.


            80  Thank You, Lord!!!  See #31 above.


            81  Fantastic news, Tim!!!!  We’ll keep praying for all to go well.  Dave -

Dave is one of the pastors in the RCA Classis of which we are a part.  He is also the former president of the Reformed Church in America.  We feel privileged to be in a collaborative relationship with him and his wife Barb.


            82  God bless you, Tim.  We'll keep your daughter in prayer!
– an attorney friend from years ago who helped me with matters in the Christian Conciliation Service.


            83  Thank you Jesus!!! – Diane ‘n Dick of our own church here in Sonoma.  She’s a deacon and her husband does bunches of the work with ‘n for her.


            84  We think Mark 11:24---one of our favorites---applies.  Great news.  Praise God.  Keep us posted.  Blessings always, AnJ

--GOD BLESS AMERICA--LET'S ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See #24


            85  "Praise God" is right!"!   I'm so happy for all of you and I'll keep right on praying!  Joan  - See #34


            86  Hey Tim, Thats great news!  Matt – who works with KTLN TV for whom I occasionally do a devotional spot.



 Thank You Father!


KT    See # 29.


            88  PTL!  Thanks for the update.  – Elizabeth P., whose folks are in Singapore, and who currently live in Fresno . . .


            89.  Definately!

Love, Dick and Barb – S, with whom we are in contact as he is a pilot and they are people whom we knew through MCC and our own church here in Sonoma.


            90.  Delightful news indeed! Was glad to hear that Kirsten was allowed to return home. I will be praying for this new little life that his passage into this world will be safe and healthy.  All my best to Kirsten and Scott as we await further good news.

Rob B – whom you have known from MCC days, Kirsten.



Received on February 5, 2006:


            91.  Continued blessings in this important part of your journey.

Jims – fellow member of the “servant team” of the Classis of Central California of the Reformed Church in America.




Received on February 6, 2006:


            93.  Thank you, Lord! – Secretary to the president of the college I serve as a trustee.


            94.  Thank you so much for the prayer chain!  It's always so nice to know you've been bathed in prayers!!!

Love you!

Kirsten 'n Scott



            95.  Thanks for the update...Our love and prayers continue. clark  - Our family friend and attorney who has known you and your sisters since the 1980’s


            96.  keep us posted. Love you guys. Joe – S. whom we’ve know ‘n loved since our days together in Germany.  He and Pat and their kids are special to us, including their son Mark who lived with us in Fort Collins.


            97.  Hi Tim,

I'm still a-prayin' for Kirsten, Scott, and---...just came back this morning from visiting a little lad born yesterday - half a dozen different doctors told his parents (dear Christian friends in their 30's) they would never be able to conceive...the Lord must have a special job for him to do, 'cause he's defied all odds...same for Kirsten's little one perhaps...

Blessings to all,

Laurie – H, whom we met through Anthony here in town and who is a praying sister.


            98.  hi tim, what a relief.  she and the baby (and you and jan) are in my

prayers, debbie – YoungLife Area Director here in Sonoma (again).



Received on February 7, 2006


      99.  The Sixth has come and gone... We continue to wait for news as we continue in prayer
– 2nd from our CCS colleague now in New York. 




Word sent out on February 10, 2006:


Hi All -


    I just got off the phone with Scott.  Kirsten went to her doctor yesterday, was checked out and told that if she hadn't delivered the little guy by NEXT FRIDAY!, they would then induce . . .


    So, Kirsten has picked up some castor oil - some have told her it naturally induces labor; had a lobster burrito for lunch - same old wives tale and she and Scott went for a 2 mile walk last night . . .


    Add to all of this, that when I called Scottie, he was just finishing up the airing out of their garage as their refrigerator out there had almost caught fire and is technically shot.


    I mentioned to Scott that it seemed to me that they were having a rather normal Arensmerian week of relaxed living . . .


    Seriously, keeping these guys in prayer is obviously on the front burner of my mind.


        tim (for jan, too)



Responses . . .


          100.  YOU KNOW I AM ALWAYS HAPPY TO PRAY..... – Verle, is one of our special ladies at the Sonoma Valley Community Church.  Always the prayer, as well as our “Announcer” at church.


                101.   Two ounces of castor oil, one teaspoon of baking soda, and Tang for an 8oz glass all mixed together makes a nice orange fizz.  Much easier to down.  My results produced a Jon Hedlund.  – Funny, but true story of my second cousin, formerly here in Sonoma, but now living on the south side of the Grapevine.  Juanda is a DeShazer, as was my dad’s first cousin.  Very interesting.


Responses on February 11, 2006


                 102.  We are a praying....

Let us know how everyone is doing....

Joyce & J.D.


            103.  Look forward to the great news of Austin's birth!  Praise God!



      104.  We continue to add our prayers. When this and all my stuff returns to normal, we will gather at some coffee spot and chat! In the meantime, we know that all is in His hands.


Richurd & Patti Somers


            105.  Thank you Tim. Wishing that our paths would cross someday. We always go east, never west.

Kirsten and Scott and Austin will be in our prayers.

Kevin  - McH in Denver with Grace.


            106.  This letter was also forwarded on by Evelyn, my secretary when we lived in Madera.


            107.  Really wonderful news on the up coming birth of your newest Grandchild. Please keep in touch and let us know about him and the parents to be. Loya


            108.  Tim--

Thanks for the update.  We will be praying.   CQ


            109.  Let us know!!!
And - Jan would you be available for lunch this Thurs?


            110.  Why does this make me feel incredibly old, when it seems not that long ago that I was drying this childs hair after a bath and marveling at the variations of red I could see???    Sue - B. who lived in our home in Atlanta.


            111.  That is great news!  Yeah, I took that drug for Amanda's birth.  Once you go on it, they can't take you off of it cuz if you start getting contractions they don't know if they're natural, and will keep on going, or if the drug is doing it, which if stopped, then the contractions would stop as well.


Hang in there, Gramps!  He's almost here!!!!!  I guess we'll be in a lull for a while in regard to having more grandbabies. 


        112.  Tim,

I will be praying for your daughter the delivery of your grandson and for peace to you and Jan through this time.  Liz is an MCC friend with whom I’m doing a musical event on the 25th of this month.  An Argentine girl will be playing the piano at MCC and we’re assisting.


            113.  We will keep him in our prayer. Please pray for my family as well as Dad just got his promotion at 9:00 this morning. God was so incredible as Dad did not suffer. He came to know Jesus over the last year while living with my wife and I during his battle with lung cancer. Thank you for your prayers.  – Jim & Madolyn, again.


            114.  We are anxiously awaiting the new arrival.

VERA – Again, our realtor friend in Madera . . .


            115.  Thanks for the update. I mentioned to Michelle last night that I wondered what was happening and that I had expected to hear something on the 6th, but was confident that all must be going well. We’ll keep them all in our prayers today and look forward to learning of the birth and blessing of this new little one.


Caroline – T, again from MCC


            116.  Thanks (grandpa) for the update!!

Sandi Solomonson


            117.  Thanks  for keeping us in the loop, they are in our prayers for safe and healthy delivery of Austin Jeffery.  So nice to name her son after our son-in-law (Jeffrey Rooney) !!

Love, Gennelle – Our wonderful ‘n special friends in Singapore now.


            118.  God bless you, Tim.
Yes, we are praying for a safe delivery! 
- Another Jeff, attorney buddy up north.

            119.  Waiting for these little ones to make their debut is exciting, yet nerve wrecking. We trust little Austin will be healthy and that Kirsten will recuperate quickly.

We love you guys.

"Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands ...." Isaiah 49:16 – Again, Pam & Paul from Florida with NTM.


            120.  You, Jan, Kirsten and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Please let us know if we can do anything to help

In Christ,

Hal – C. is an attorney in San Rafael, whose dad is in advertising and therefore the source of some wonderful ad humor on the Internet.


            121.  Nothing like a grand child. – Dan B., a retired theologian with whom I do coffee in Petaluma.  He’s a BJA (Blond Joke Addict) . . .


            122.  Praying for the little guy to follow Jesus and become the temple of God that he is designed to be

Jose – Friend and former trustee at Warner Pacific College in Portland.


            123.  Hi Tim,

This has been a LONG time.  I am praying for Kirsten and Austin.  Keep me posted. 

Janet – L, again . . .


            124.  Thanks for keeping us posted on progress of new arrival--lots of suspense for all. Margaret D. – (M is a member of our church in Sonoma and this was actually sent on Sunday, before she got the news!)


            125.  Hi Tim & Jan:
  Just wanted to let you know that we have been praying and will continue to pray for Kirsten and Austin.  Do keep us posted.
  Take care,  JoAnn and Don –
B., from Fort Collins.  JoAnn is the mom of 5 boys whom you know, Kirsten.


Click Here for Announcement of Austin’s birth!


Web posted:  February 3, 2006

Updated:  March 27, 2006 (Jan’s birthday!)


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