Tim & Jan Arensmeier's

Kids 'n Grand Kids & our Great Grandchildren!

Jan retired from Kaiser Permanente Hospital at the end of November 2009, and wonders how she ever had time to work.
Jan is also a tremendous asset in her "grand mothering skills."

We have wonderful stories of four daughters:

Shireen and Tom Ellis (3 sons, Tom, Brian and Nate, Tom married to Andrea and a dad now to 2 sons – Jaxson & Maverick – all living Houston) live in Sonoma, but are leaning towards Florida, or Houston.

Liesl is a poet/writer and actually gets paid for some of her work.  She and Scott Garner live in Medford, Oregon, with their two boys:  Ben and Jake (Bean).

Liesl is also step mom to Mike (whom Tim was privileged to marry off to Becky, and so Liesl is a grandma to two delightful girls) & Joey.

 (Check out some of her poems.)
Kirsten is the director of Women’s ministries at their church in Scottsdale, and Scott Snarey pretty much works out of their home.  Janelle 17 (and just won 1st place in her first Triathalon!) and Austin 8 keep ‘em busy.

Michelle is a stay-at-home-mom whose hubby, Phil Galvin essentially works three jobs!  Tyler – 16, Zachary – 14 and Mia Janea – 11 enjoy living in Beaverton, Oregon, where Phil works for Villa Sport.

And, effective 11/11/11, our great-grandson, Thomas Jaxson Ellis!  (Making Shireen a grandmother!)


Are we blessed at how wonderful the Lord of Life has been to us?


Add to all of this, wonderful relationships with missionary friends 'n their kids,
such as David & Gennelle Pipes, whom we’ve known since 1972, and it is wonderful.


Another special relationship which began in 1968, has been with Alan & Sharon Healey. 

Their oldest was a Ph.D. professor at UC Berkeley, and with their other two offspring living in the British Isles, they moved out to California 3 years ago. 

Jan and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time with them living 45 minutes away . . . until spring of 2011 when their son took a job at the University of Connecticut. 

But, we’ve enjoyed being physically close again for these three plus years.

They now live in Connecticut . . .   Miss you guys!


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