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Carol, the normally effervescent and very expressive lady who, while speaking never saw anyone go to sleep, sustained a serious stroke during November of 2002. 


My brother, Dan, flew out from Denver to assist my dad, Ralph Arensmeier, with whatever details he could, while mom (Carol) was in the hospital.


When it was determined that she could return to the retirement community where she and dad had lived for 16 years, and the health center in it, Dan helped transport mom back to her “home.”


When Carol was fully ensconced in her bed, my brother said to our dad, “Dad, that stroke has really affected mom.  She doesn’t say much of anything, and when she talks, it’s almost a monotone, and some time spaces between her words.”  To which my dad said, with a twinkle in his eye, “That’s not all bad, Dan.”


As the day wore on, Dan tried to get mom to say something . . . anything understandable, to virtually no avail.


For the rest of her life, 6 years, the only two things she could say consistently were:  “Praise the Lord,” and “I love you.”  Those are not bad!  As a friend in Sonoma said, “She was obeying Christ’s response to the question, ‘What is the greatest commandment?’ and He said, ‘Love the Lord your God, and Love your neighbor.”  Thanx, Tim Christenson.


But, mom did speak.  Out of the blue, she said, looking past Dan, “Espibonia.”  To which my brother responded (as would you!), “What?”  Carol looked at him like he was somewhat dense, and said, “Espibonia, [then spelled it] E-S-P-I-B-O-N-I-A.”


When my brother again queried her with “What is Espibonia?”  She again looked past him and quite clearly said, “That’s – what – they’re – teaching – us – here.”


No one knows what the word means, in any language.  But, as my brother has said, “Mom was born on December 25th and died on July 25th, therefore, in the Arensmeier family I think the 25th of every month should be “ESPIBONIA DAY!”


There’s even a song, to the tune of “Alleluia, Alleluia.”


It was never boring being around my mother, Carol Arensmeier.



And, on September 17, 2014, my brother, Daniel added for our general consumption, the following:


            In Webster’s Dictionary of Esoteric and Spiritual Words:

It is spelled…..E S P I B O N I A.


The authorative definition of the word:

an ecstatic, jubilant, orgasmic praise utterance in a language known only to a very special few whose liberated souls travel freely about the universe.”



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