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Letter from Jesus About Christmas . . .


Judge Roy Moore’s . . . Poem

Breastplate of St. Patrick(an abbreviated prayer provided by Margaret & John Leinster)

Allah or Jesus?  A bit of a dialogue . . .

A Father’s Letter to His Four SonsAnonymous (Given by Don & Jo Ann Banks, Fort Collins, CO)

HONOR, the story of a fallen soldier . . .   (Thanks, Dick Carpenter)

A Military Wife’s response to Anti-war talk – author unknown to me

Merry Christmas – A Modern Poem, author unknown, but sent by Elaine Williams

Women  . . .

Twelve Days of Christmas – Explained . . .

The HeartAuthor unknown, but thank you, Loya!

Hey, Mister?  Who Are You?  Author unknown

The Whipping, from Stan & Theresa Howard

Rob Goerzen Takes Issue with David McCracken

Three Factsa delightful “apology” by Robert H. Baylis, Sonoma, California

A Dad’s Poem, by Cheryl Costello-Forshey

God Won’t Ask . . .

The “Grand Slam” – unknown author

The Silversmith Thanx, Loya

A 92 Year Old’s OutlookThanx, Timothy Cole


Graduation Prayer

Another Speeding Ticket?

President's faith is a 'great comfort' to him, Judy Keen, USA TODAY

Praying "the alphabet" for a friend - gift of Dick Carpenter

Something(s) to Consider, by Elsie Speckels
as sent by Eilene Mack (Newberg, Oregon)

A Father's response to his son's question about current trends

A Pastor's Job Description, Augustine of Hippo, circa 400 A.D.

On the Infallibility of God's Word

The Table Cloth

The Donuts

Sailboat Gospel

Himself, by A. B. Simpson


It All Depends . . .


School Prayer - Principal Jody McLoud

The Missing 24 Hours – A historic “hoax” explained

Old Lady

Democracy, as observed by Sir Alexander Fraser Tytler

National Prayer Breakfast – A Brief History, by Tim Arensmeier


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Updated:  November 29, 2012

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